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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted anything - the break has been nice but I miss the interaction with everyone! I finally kind of  caught up on my blog reading yesterday and loved seeing everyone's Thanksgivings! I can't believe I was only able to do 3 blog posts in November - let's hope things will pick up in December. Speaking of which, today is December 1st! I am so excited and can't wait to indulge in all things Christmas :)

I hope to have our Thanksgiving recap up next week but here's a little glimpse into our Thanksgiving week:

  • We drove to my parents in Chattanooga, TN and spent a fantastic week with them saw lots of extended family and friends!
  • We got to enjoy the beautiful fall weather with some hikes
  • Stephen and I LOADED up at a used bookstore and I finished The Night Sister in one day (my new record ;)) - it was SO good!
  • We saw the horrifying news of the Woodmore Elementary bus crash - such an awful thing. My dad actually went to elementary school there and grew up close by. Since we were in town, Stephen and I wanted to help so we loaded up on food from Publix and brought it to the hospital
  • On Thanksgiving morning, my laptop finally bit the dust so thankfully, we were able to cash in on a black Friday deal! 
  • I also got a Nikon camera pack (as my actual Christmas gift) for Christmas and I can't wait to learn how to shoot in manual; even though I have no clue what any of the technical terms even mean ;)
  • We killed black Friday shopping and was able to check off all of our Christmas lists
  • We helped my parents decorate their Christmas trees before making the trek back home
Some other random thoughts:
I'm so thankful that I decorated for Christmas before we left for Thanksgiving (minus the Christmas trees and outdoor decor). The last 2 things were stressful enough to get done so next year I'm aiming for everything except the outdoor decor

I convinced Stephen to get a 2nd Christmas tree the day after Christmas last year for our living room. We got it all decorated and set on Sunday and then when we tried to turn it on (it's a pre-lit tree) Monday after work, it wouldn't come on (it worked on Sunday). So, the tree is broken... GE is sending replacement adapters and if those don't work, I think it's just going to be an un-lit tree this year. Next year, we'll probably add lights to it because I'm not about to lose that money lol

Stephen's been so gracious to modify my new laptop for me so I'm running at optimal performance. Unfortunately, this has been taking longer than either of us thought which means no blogging or embroidering for me

We had all sorts of plans for this weekend (3 parties), buying our Disney tickets and relaxing but now Stephen has to work which pretty much ruins all our plans. I'm hoping he'll get off work at a normal time Friday and Saturday so we can still do 2 things.... and depending on how we're feeling, maybe we'll be rebels and go to Disney on Sunday lol Even though I'm SUPER bummed to be missing out on our Saturday activities, I'm ready for an open day to be extremely productive - I've got a whole pile of things that need to be monogrammed! 

Do y'all remember my friend, Madison, who guest blogged for me a few months ago? She started her own lifestyle blog! Head on over, pay her a visit and send her some love :)

Bravo if you made it through this word-heavy post! So many things to catch up on. I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday!

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  1. So glad to hear your Thankgiving trip went well, can't wait to see pictures from the trip and also your Christmas decorations!


  2. Love catching up on everything! Glad y'all had a great Thanksgiving and so exciting that you got a new camera! I have a nice Nikon and I even took a photography class but never practiced so I still have no idea how to shoot in manual :(