Thoughts for Thursday: Goodbye Trees

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our yard has been a mess basically since we moved in and had time for things to start growing through our new landscaping. One of the big things Stephen's been wanting to do since day 1 was to remove a few trees from our yard and I've been wanting to trim up 2 of the bigger ones. We finally got the work done last week and we couldn't be more happy with the results!!

I was an awful blogger and completely forgot to get some before pictures so here are some random pictures of our yard when we moved in so you can get a feel of what it looked like before.

The palm tree on the left is the one we had removed. The tree guy told Stephen it's bad to have trees that close because rats can get in them and then into your roof/house. As he's telling Stephen this, they cut the top off and a rat ran out!!!!!! SOOOO disgusting!!

We removed 2 pine trees for safety reasons during storms and hurricanes, 1 holly tree that was dead and looked awful, and 1 large palm tree that was planted too close to the house and was starting to mess up our roof and foundation. While we had someone out here, we got them to trim up our oak and royal poinciana tree.

Here are the after pictures (hopefully you can tell a difference lol!)

Palm tree is gone! Check out how bad our landscaping is right now... so embarrassing but I'm not touching those spider filled plants when I'm paying someone to come do it in 2 weeks lol Also note, they had to remove the other hibiscus bush that was as big as the one still there

Soo much debris...

Doing this tree work made a HUGE difference with our yard and house! I feel like we have SO much more room in the backyard, everything's open and bright and the breeze comes through the back porch better. Now that the trees are done, I can't wait to get the landscapers out to redo everything in a few weeks!!

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  1. It looks great, I can't wait to see the final product!

    1. Thanks!! Can't wait to get everything done! I want to put a big sign in the yard saying "I know it's a hot mess, people are coming soon!!" lol

  2. Ew rats. I wouldn't of thought about the palm tree being a threat during hurricane season. Smart thinking. Looks great! I love a good lake breeze. Y'alls view is so pretty.

  3. The joys of home ownership right?! We are always paying for projects around the house, stuff breaking, etc. Such as my foot falling through the sheetrock last week like you see in he movies. Hubs was less than thrilled with me haha

  4. EEEKKK on the rat! We're dealing with a pest infestation so I can totally see why you wanted to get rid of the tree, that's our problem, too many trees close to the house. Although the pest person said he was fairly sure it was mice in our attic and not rats.

    liz @ j for joiner

  5. GIRL! It looks so good! I saw your snaps on this and loved the way it was looking. I didn't realize how much y'all had cut down until I saw the last picture up there lol. I bet it looks even better in person and I know y'all are loving it! I can't wait to see it once y'all are finished!! So exciting!