Five on Friday

Friday, June 24, 2016

While I was in Atlanta for my business trip last week, I was able to run over to the Vineyard Vines Outlet store with my mom and oh my goodness, did I hit the jackpot!! My mom wanted to take me birthday shopping and I kept telling her I wanted to go to Vineyard Vines first to see what I could find there and I'm so glad I did! All clearance items were an extra 60% off so everything I got was between $20-$40 which is ah-mazing for Vineyard Vines. I wasn't able to find everything online but I linked the items I could find.

Pants - Snagged these for $24!

Sweater - Snagged this for about $30 and it's got Cashmere in it

They had a tunic version which I adored but it was too short :/

This one was pushing the short limit with the side slits but I couldn't pass it up! I'll probably sew the slits a little

Tunic - Forgot to get a picture with it on

Love the buttons on the back!

Forgot a picture with this one too

I'm looking forward to being home with Stephen this weekend and I'm hoping we'll be able to catch a baseball game tonight! We had SO much fun the last time we went and we've been wanting to go again. Stephen has a launch today so I'm hoping everything goes well and he'll be able to get a nap in after work so we can go! (He has to wake up at 2 am for work :/)

We're FINALLY getting our landscaping done and we are so excited! They started Wednesday and they ended up running 2 days late - so they'll finish up today. We don't care that they're running late - we are just so excited they're almost done!! I'll hopefully be sharing our new landscaping next week when I kick off our year-in-the-house update :)

Stephen planted a pepper plant a few months ago and has been so diligent with watering it and trying to keep it alive. He's done a great job and now there's a little pepper growing!! He was so excited when I told him there was a pepper so I had to get a picture with him and his plant :)

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I don't watch basketball... it's so boring watching it on TV but after hearing Lebron James was on the Cavs, I couldn't get this kid out of my head! He's so funny!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Can't believe this is the last weekend in June!!!!


  1. Waking up at 2am omg I would die!! Hope you guys have a fun weekend!

  2. Love Vineyard Vines & the two dresses you found are so cute!! Hope you all get a fun date night to the baseball game this weekend! Growing your own plants is so fun too!

  3. Enjoy your weekend at home! Love those VV pants you got - exploring through one of their outlet stores would be such fun!