Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's Thursday which means the weekend is almost here and it's time for a good ole confess sesh!

I confess that...

I have really bad teeth. I've heard it's genetic and it's gotten to where it's a miracle if I get a good report from my teeth cleaning. With that said, last week I did not get a good report and this afternoon I'm getting a small cavity filled. The plus side? Hopefully I'll get home earlier than usual and can catch up on the Bachelorette

We're going to a water park for my BIL's birthday this weekend and I'm so excited! The only thing is this isn't the nice and clean Disney water park so I feel slightly inclined to wear wave runner shoes but that would just be too embarrassing...

We (I especially) had a taste of summer this past weekend and had a really hard time going back to work. I don't know why, but it was SO hard #imissbeing10

We've got a few episodes of LOST left (y'all are probably soo sick of hearing me talk about this dang show!) and I can't wait to finish it so 1. we can see the ending 2, so we can get our lives back BUT, I know I'm going to be super sad once it's over

I really messed up our trash schedule last week. I was running late for my training class on trash day  (Th) and completely forgot about taking out our trash - I would've gone back but I was late for the class. Our super garlic-y food sat in the trash and the whole garage smelled. The next trash day was Monday but that was a holiday. Thank goodness I saw everyone taking theirs out on Tuesday so I didn't have to wait another 2 days.

I was really looking forward to going through blogs during lunch yesterday but some weird thing kept interfering with looking at the blogs and I didn't get to read any #firstworldproblems

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  1. I always enjoy these posts! I had the same taste of summer last weekend and thought to myself that being a little kid again would not be so bad! :) Xo, Stephanie

  2. YASSSS. I have felt the same way about wanting to be a kid and have an actual summer again!! I see kids walking to our neighborhood pool on my way to work and I just want to turn around and go put my bathing suit on and lay out there all day. Now more than ever, I wish I was a teacher so I could have summer breaks still lol! Our trash day is Thursdays too!! When we first moved in we got in a great habit of sitting it out on Wednesday nights, but for some reason the past month or so we completely forget and I remember as I am backing out of our driveway LOL.

  3. We had a taste of summer too and talked about how amazing it would be if grown ups got summer break. I mean I would even take like 2 weeks. UGH!! #realworldprobs

  4. The waterpark will be such fun! There were two slides for the "kids" this weekend but we had the best time going down them - I forgot how fun!

  5. Ugh! I have the same problem with my teeth, but thankfully they've gotten better these past few years!