What's Hap-pinning: Dining Table Centerpiece Inspiration

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Now that we're getting our first official dining room table, I want to make sure the centerpiece looks more official. I usually throw some fake flowers in a vase and call it a day but with this table, I want to make it a little more pronounced and grown up. Who knows, maybe I'll add a table runner!

My go-to flower for decorating is hydrangeas. They're so beautiful and they're my favorite flower - I think a nice vase with a white flower might make the table stand out, but they're already throughout the house and I don't know if this is overboard. Also, we have a Italian-esque painting in our dining room so I don't know if it will clash [see at bottom of post]. 

This picture makes me want to get a nice mirror to replace the painting..

I saw this picture from Ashley Furniture when we were looking at their table (we probably would've purchased this set if it didn't have a two-toned table - who does that?) and I fell in love with the jars of cotton! Again, I don't know if it will match the painting... sounds like we might have to replace that painting ;) (Stephen would never go for that)

I'm thinking the winner might be something more like this. I can replace the flowers in the box for the different seasons and holidays and Stephen will have a fun project to work on with building the box.

And for reference, here's our current situation: 

I've decided to definitely replace that chandelier one day... who knows when that will be though

What tips/ideas do y'all have for dining room centerpieces? Linking up with Jessi.


  1. I love hydrangeas, too! (They were our wedding flower!) And that cotton is something I'm dying to do in ours, but they're ALWAYS sold out at our local Hobby Lobby and Michael's!

  2. Oh goodness, I love every single one of those ideas lol! The first picture with the white vase and those hydrangeas is just gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you decide on!!!!
    Whenever we get a dining room table I think it would be fun to have a centerpiece that you can just change out the decor in it with every season. So exciting though!!

  3. I really love that second all white one! It's classic and goes with everything - In our dining room we have something colorful that matches the room but in the kitchen we have a similar white one - I love it because I change the placemats/table runner with the season and it will always match!

  4. Looks so cute!! I am a sucker for hydrangeas, they are my fav!!