Five on Friday

Friday, March 18, 2016

One of the good things about living near Orlando is that friends and family come here for vacation and spring break. One of my childhood friends and his girlfriend are at a beach north of us for their spring break but came to Orlando for the day for the golf tournament and I was able to meet them for dinner after work. We met at Rainforest Cafe and we had such a great time catching up! Stephen's even got some family friends in town and we're hoping to meet up with them this weekend.

The other day my sister sent me this article... there might be a Princess Diaries 3 at some point in our future!!! Oh my, we loved this movie and would die if they did a 3rd movie!

To celebrate the Bachelor finale, the girls who did the bracket at work decided to do a little breakfast Tuesday morning so we could talk about the finale (and have an excuse to bring in breakfast lol). My friend made blueberry, lemon french toast which was delicious and I made Brittany's strawberry bread and it was delicious!! Everyone at work loved it too!

It looks a little gross in this picture, but it was so delicious!

I don't know if you saw this, but Chick-fil-a recently rolled out their frosted coffee drink.. oh my, it's delicious! So the other day, Stephen and I decided to do a post-dinner Chick-fil-a run so I could try it and he could get a milkshake. We were total cheeseball and sat on the same side of the booth but I think we scared the middle school kids who came in and sat right across from us because they moved after 5 minutes lol! I won't mention that they didn't have decaf so I paid for it that night with not being able to sleep and a racing heart.

The other night, we made these apple spice pork chops and they were delicious!! They're really more of a fall dinner so I'll probably wait until then to make them again but Stephen LOVED it. The only thing is you have to cook with veggie oil and it got EVERYWHERE. I had to mop everywhere... does anyone have any tips for cleaner cooking with oil?

I hope everyone has a weekend!! We're supposed to go to a baseball game with some of my co-workers but it's looking like 90% chance of rain so we'll see :/


  1. So much greatness in this post!! YAY for old friends, the Bachelor finale...such fun work friends you have. And I really have to get myself to Chic-fil-a!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. I heard that Princess Diaries rumor too and am so hoping it's true!! It's calling for a rainy weekend here too which I'm actually looking forward to after being sick. I want the rest & catch up time!

  3. I would die if they made a 3rd movie!!!! My sister and I loved those movies, too lol.

    Those pork chops look SO good! I wish I had tips for cleaner cooking, but I definitely don't. Did they smoke a lot when you made them? When I made pork chops the other week they smoked SO bad we had to open windows and our back door lol. I need to try this recipe though. Thanks for sharing!!

    Hope the rain stays away this weekend for y'all's game! :)

  4. Those PORK CHOPS! Oh my, they look amazing!! Also, I heard about the rumors as well with Princess Diaries! I really hope they are true!!! Bringing back all of my middle school dreams.

    1. Oh, the chops were so delicious!! I hope they bring back Chris Pine and have lots of little royal babies lol