Thursday, March 17, 2016

I confess that I'm not into St Patrick's day... I'm not Catholic, I'm not Irish, what do I have to celebrate? I have to admit, I will probably do some fun "green" things when we have kids though

I confess that Spring was here for about 1-2 weeks and now it's straight to summer. It's been 90 degrees when I leave work and my Freon is going out in the car so my ride home is nice and warm ;) I am ready to break out the shorts and head to the beach, though

I confess that I'm so glad we got our screen installed right before all the lake bugs came back. Gosh, those things are straight awful and I don't know how they all get in the house! I can't figure out what they are online and the pest control people say that there's nothing you can do for them

I confess that I can't wait to get some patio furniture! We didn't realize how expensive it was and I feel like if we buy now, we'll miss out on a good deal but now, we're missing out on the nice weather

I confess that I've been the most annoying person at work this week... there's pollen EVERYWHERE and my allergies are a hot mess. Thankfully, I'm getting better but that still doesn't make the nose blowing and coughing less obnoxious

I confess that the Bachelor totally had me fooled!!!! I picked Lauren as the winner and during the whole episode, I thought Jojo was going to win! Someone at work claimed he picked Lauren because of her family and I'm starting to agree. I am excited to watch Jojo as the bachelorette but poor Caila getting the boot! Also, Chris Harrison mentioned the season would premiere in May, I totally thought the Bachelorette was in the fall... am I wrong? It seems so soon!!


  1. I am not a huge fan of St. Patrick's Day either. My husband's family is part Irish though, so I've tried to get into the holiday a bit. This year I found myself dressing up our baby and even sending out St. Patrick's Day cards, so I think I'm getting into the spirit! A child definitely makes you see the holidays differently; suddenly they become this whole affair!

  2. Not a St. Patty's day fan either but I do have my green on today so I won't get pinched! SO HAPPY Lauren won, I was so nervous during the entire show but I think they tried to make it seem like Jojo was going to win to fool all of us! She is going to be a great Bachelorette, I can't wait for it to start!

  3. oh gosh thats so funny because I also was a lauren fan all season, but the last night the producers did such a great job because I totally thought it was going to be Jojo too! I'm so glad shes the bachelorette though-can't wait for next season!!

  4. I'm so with you on the first one lol but I wore my green too so I don't get pinched! I think it will be better when we have kids one day and can make fun crafts!

    Patio furniture IS expensive!! It drives me crazy lol but we'll probably wait for a good sale too. I'm a little jealous of y'all's warmer weather, even though it has been warmer than usual here in Tennessee this past week. It's supposed to be 50's this weekend :( so send that warmer weather our way ;)

    We are having a ladybug problem!! And it's only in our master bathroom, no where else lol it's so weird, but they are driving me CRAZY!

  5. I'm not a big St. Patty's day person either! Patio furniture & decor is so much more expensive than I thought too! Super pumped to watch Jojo as the Bachelorette!

  6. I am so glad the Bachelorette will be in May...I'm so excited! :)

    1. Yes!! I'm so excited!! It's going to be a good season :)

  7. I can't believe you guys are practically to summer - spring was here too last week and now Sunday it may snow, ha! Hoping for spring to last for a while here after that. The patio furniture will be the best - we skipped it our fist year since we were just moving in but we got it last spring and use it ALL the time when warm - We got ours at Target and there are some spring deals to be had - keep checking!