Thursday, March 24, 2016

I confess that our admin filled an Easter basket with candy and I've been making frequent stops... granted I take candy to add to my stash for when I'm crashing in the afternoon ;)

I confess that I've joined my work friends for some lunch workouts and it's been so much fun! Unfortunately, it'll probably be going back to the 90's soon so not sure how much longer we'll be doing them with it being so hot

I confess that I wouldn't be all that upset if it rained on Easter morning and we had to move sunrise service inside... it's neat having the service during sunrise but it's always cold outside, the ground is wet which gets my feet wet, I can't wear heels because of the grass and we wouldn't have to set everything up and tear it down - we could just use the sanctuary. I sound like such a total complainer but hey, I'm confessing ;)

I confess that with Stephen's launch on Tuesday night (11:05 pm to be exact ;)) I definitely did not get enough sleep and am totally off. Hopefully, we'll get back on track this weekend

I confess that I started watching Gossip Girl and I'm addicted. The show is totally unrealistic in that they're like 16 and go to hotel bars and restaurants and just have straight up alcoholic drinks - unless I'm out of touch with reality in the upper social circles of NYC. While Stephen was working late Tuesday night, I watched like 4 episodes and finished season 1 - holy cow, that did not end like I thought it would've!!

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  1. Lunch workouts are the best, I love when I can get one in during the day. GG is one of the best shows out there, I LOVE IT!

  2. First season of GG was the best. I wasn't a big fan of the last seasons but I kept watching it because of the fashion!

  3. That is a show I need to watch!! My sister watched all of them and loves it lol but I always forget about it. Next time Matthew is out of town I will start it! I wish I could workout on my lunch break!! A few guys at my office run on their lunch break and always come back really sweaty...I just couldn't come back to work sweaty and change back into my work clothes for the rest of the day lol. I do like to walk around our big parking lot on my lunch breaks when it's not too hot or cold outside though!

  4. I've never watched any Gossip Girl but I've heard such great things. If life ever slows down that may be next on my list of Netflix shows!

  5. Yay for GG!! I've definitely re-watched in Netflix many, many times!!