Monday, November 16, 2015

This weekend was another amazing, low key weekend. It's looking like this will be the last low key, stay at home weekend for a while so we took full advantage! We were both worn out after work on Friday so we got sushi and relaxed at home. We watched another Star Wars movie - I feel asleep 1/2 way through and Stephen fell asleep at the end. We made it through and called it an early night which meant we were up early on Saturday and ready to be productive.

Saturday, Stephen mowed the yard and I cleaned the house. Thankfully, it was very cool outside because I drug Stephen outside to attempt our Christmas card picture. I know he wasn't all too thrilled because we had on a few layers and it was in the higher 70's but it ended up working out well! I'm super pumped with what we got and can't wait to figure out which one to use on our Christmas card. On a side note, our next door neighbors probably think we're crazy because they were outside mowing while we're all dressed up taking pictures with a tripod. Here's a sample of what we got (we won't be using these) and can't wait to share the rest with you!

After our mini photoshoot, we headed off to the mall to look for some Christmas decorations and gifts! We ended up finding some good stuff and by the end of it, Stephen was staying in the car since he was too tired to come inside. After our shopping adventure, we decided to hit Starbucks for their BOGO deal before we missed out on a free drink! The deal ended at 5pm and we walked in at 5 on the dot. Thankfully we were still able to participate and we both got a delicious caramel brulee frappuccino. 

After dinner on Saturday, we worked on reupholstering an old ikea side table that Stephen got for his apartment a few years ago. I knew I always wanted to upholster this table and use it as an ottoman but after assessing the situation in our office, I decided to make it into an ottoman/seat and get rid of the mix-matched table that was in the corner. I love how it turned out and I'm obsessed with the fabric (I got it at Hobby Lobby). I also got Stephen to hang up my bulletin board that I also reupholstered with fabric from Hobby Lobby. I think it really makes the room a lot bigger and brighter! 



I saw that gold foil pineapple picture at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and had to have it! After waiting for an undamaged frame, I finally got it this weekend at 50% off!! I can't resist a good, gold pineapple for only $7!

I'm super excited about my office and love how it turned out! I would love to get a new, white desk that's less bulky but we decided that since this room will (hopefully) be turned into a nursery in a few years, it wasn't worth the money. 

Saturday night Stephen got me to watch another Star Wars - we finally finished the first trilogy. We got through 1/2 of Episode 6 before heading to bed. We ended up waking up super early for church on Sunday so we finished it then. I think Episode 6 is my favorite out of the three, but I'm still not a big fan - all the creatures and mutated people creep me out. 

After church on Sunday we began work on a Christmas gift for 2 family members. I so wish I could show you what we're making but both people read the blog and I want this to be a surprise. I will say that this was the first time we've ever used wood primer and it was a very interesting experience - definitely learning a few things for when we finally make our farmhouse table. I did get Stephen to hang up our "family rules" picture that I found at Hobby Lobby last week. I love where we decided to hang it and I think it fits perfectly in that space.

I'm also slowly decorating the new sofa table that we got last weekend. I love it and love the way it's coming together. I want to get a few more picture frames and a beautiful white hydrangea arrangement for the top and then I think I might be finished - we'll see.

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning and giving Stephen a haircut. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. I love how the sofa table is coming along! You guys got in so much this weekend - I love weekends at home like that to get a lot done - we won't be having one of those for a while unfortunately. Love the Christmas card sneak peeks - can't wait to see the final product!

  2. Woo hoo for getting pictures for Christmas cards! I can't wait to see them!! :) Your office is SO cute! I love the way you have it set up. Your weekend sounds so productive, love it!

    Also, the sofa table is really looking good!

  3. So manygreat pictures! We took advantage of the Starbucks BOGO this weekend too!

  4. my fiancé wants me to watch all the Star Wars movies because I have never seen them either. I never got into it and don't think watching them all is going to help but I guess that's what good (future) wives do!

  5. Your office looks great! I love that little pineapple print!