Christmas Bucket List 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We've been mentioning Christmas-y things that we want to do this December and I wanted to write them all down before I forgot and we missed out this Christmas! Here's our big Christmas to-do list this year:
1. Disney Christmas Sightseeing: Even though we don't have park passes anymore, we still love walking around Downtown Disney and seeing their Christmas displays at their bigger hotels. We did this last year and had a blast!

2. Outlet Mall Christmas Shopping: We also did this last year and found some amazing deals! We had a lot of fun Christmas shopping for each other as well as family. We're aiming to do this next weekend and then meet up with my friend from NC who will be in town.

3. Put Up Christmas Decorations: This goes without saying but it's a highlight to kick off Christmas! We'll be putting everything up this weekend once we get back from Thanksgiving.

4. Mini Christmas at Home: Since we've been married we've had a "mini" Christmas at home a few days prior to heading to wherever we spend Christmas that year. This lets us open all of our gifts from each other so we're not hauling everything to someone's house and spend the day relaxing together.

5. Make Christmas Dinner at Home: This goes with #4 - I like to make a Christmas dinner for the two of us before we leave town. The only problem is I need to learn to cut recipes in half since it always makes a lot and we head out a few days after.

6. Bake Christmas Cookies: So much for watching what I eat... there's so many delicious Christmas cookies (and candied nuts, puppy chow, chex mix, etc.) that I want to make this year. Stephen's favorites are the candied nuts - I make him wait all year since they're so Christmas-y.

7. Spend Christmas in Chattanooga: Every year we rotate between our families and this year we get to spend Christmas with my family in Chattanooga, TN. We are so excited and Stephen's really hoping for a white Christmas since he's never seen snow fall.

8. Rock City Christmas Display: This is one of the main things I want to do after we arrive in Chattanooga and before Christmas. We've also got my dad's birthday and possibly ice skating on the list.

Some of the other little things we can't wait to do this Christmas are watching Christmas movies, making hot chocolate, walking around our neighborhood and looking at Christmas lights, wrapping presents, making goodies for my co-workers and spending time celebrating Jesus' birth together :)

Especially since it's still November, let's not forget about our Fall bucket list.
We were able to get everything accomplished except for going on a picnic and making crock pot apple cider. We agreed that it got too hot in the later fall and a picnic wasn't in the cards. We also agreed that we can still make hot apple cider during Christmas! 

What are some of your Christmas bucket list items!?

As a heads up, we will be heading to my brother and sister-in-law's house to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and our new niece. We can't wait for some baby cuddles - I'm having major baby withdrawals. I will be signing off the blog this week in order to soak up every minute with my family :) Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!!


  1. We do a mini Christmas with just the two of us as well and I love it! Looks like y'all have a great holiday line up :)

  2. Nothing is better than Christmastime at Disney World! It's magical enough to begin with but then add in Christmas time & it's super amazing!! I don't know why I haven't ever done a holiday bucket list. I should because I'm all about planning/organizing!

  3. I love your Christmas list, such special memories and traditions! You were able to accomplish a lot during the Fall too! Xo, Stephanie