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Monday, September 21, 2015

I was one happy wife this weekend because Stephen didn't have to work and we were able to go to Disney on Saturday! I won single day tickets through work and this would have been our last weekend to go before they expired. We were worried Stephen would have to work this weekend and we wouldn't get to use them but thankfully he didn't have to go in!

I'm going to skip right to Saturday and I'll jump back to Friday at the end. I was really wanting to go to Disney when they had their fall decorations up and when it would feel a little bit cooler outside. We were able to hit 1.5 of those things - the fall decorations were on full blast and while it was super hot during the day, the evening and night was so nice. We had an amazing time and were completely exhausted at the end of the day - we didn't even stay for the fireworks we were so tired!

The photographer was trying to get artsy lol

Magic Kingdom just built these amazing areas in front of the castle where you can sit on grass (fake grass that is amazing) and relax. We decided to just lay down and enjoy the nice weather for a while since it was too crowded to do some of the rides. If you follow me on Snapchat, you saw that a lady brought 4 service dogs with her and was trying to get a picture with them all in front of the castle. Oh, and she dressed them all up in Disney costumes. It was hysterical and definitely caused a scene. 

Magic Kingdom recently installed a Captain Jack treasure hunt. There are 5 different maps and you travel around Adventureland looking for different treasures with your wristband. It was actually really neat and all the different spots had interactive clues. We definitely added a few extra miles to our step count doing all 5 maps, but it was worth it ;)

Since it's so hard to get a reservation last minute at any Disney restaurant, we ended up eating at the same place for lunch and dinner. And of course, we had to finish the night off with an ice cream sundae. We had such a great day relaxing and spending time together at Disney! 

So back to Friday, after work I ran down to a Target about 30 minutes south from our house to finally pick up the booties I've been looking for (right now they're on sale for $24)! I can't wait to get some good use out of them! I also grabbed these black flats because mine were completely falling apart but I was tempted to get these adorable cheetah heels. I may or may not have wandered around the store and snagged some adorable mini pumpkins for $6. I am obsessed with them and think they're so cute.

I also found that Target carries small bags of the delicious caramel apple lollipops. These bring be right back to my childhood - best Halloween candy!

After church on Sunday, I cleaned while Stephen did yard work. Then I gave him a haircut and before we knew it, it was 3:30 and our day was quickly ending. Stephen grilled out for the 3rd weekend in a row which was fantastic because I didn't have to cook dinner and got to enjoy this view while blogging :)

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

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  1. Oh how I love Disney!! Jealous that you can go for day trips :) My dad works for GM so we always went over the 4th when they were on shut down.. Talk about HEAT!!

  2. The decor looked so beautiful at Disney! I defintely want to go there during the fall season sometime!

  3. I love Disney but haven't been in forever! Looks like a blast!

    Southern Style

  4. What a great weekend! I've never been to Disney during the fall, but the decorations look like so much fun! Also, love your Target finds!

  5. Now that is my kind of day trip!! The Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite places in the world! And looks like a trip to Target is in order this week - those booties are adorable!

  6. The Disney trip looked amazing! I'm so jealous you can make that in a day trip. Also, I NEED those little pumpkins. I'm already obsessed with them.

  7. I love that you guys can do day trips - that's just the best! I loved getting to see the Halloween decorations through your pictures - I've never been in the fall before.