Five on Friday

Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm sure y'all have heard this already but I'm super excited that Lilly Pulitzer is teaming up with Target!! Seriously - so excited! I'm really hoping that these items will be more affordable because I can't justify spending $200+ on a cute sundress with no special occasion to wear it. Saving my Christmas money for a shopping spree at Target in April ;)

On Monday, I wrote about some of our goals for the new year. One of them was to read more books on being a better wife and to grow my relationship with God. I'm clueless as to which book is best, so before I go searching at the bookstore, I wanted to see if y'all had any suggestions!

The Bachelor has started! Not going to lie, I didn't pay the most attention while watching it on Monday but a lot of these girls seem crazy! I'm not a huge fan of the first week because it's pretty boring and I get all the girls confused with each other, so I'm looking forward to next week. After watching the teaser commercial, this season seems pretty intense! Looking forward to seeing what happens.

Speaking of Monday night TV, a new season of The Celebrity Apprentice is on! I figured since it's usually on Sunday, we'd have a good routine with this Sunday and the Bachelor Monday. Well... two episodes are on every Monday night so we've decided to catch up on the Apprentice throughout the week. Love this show and I've gotten Stephen hooked as well. I've already got my favorites and the people I can't stand and hope they go home ASAP. Can't wait to see who wins!

Stephen and I decided it was time for a sneaker upgrade this Christmas so we both got new shoes. I love my new Nike's from Dick's Sporting Goods. I'm just now testing them out - granted, it was rainy and gross from Christmas to New Year's, but so far, I really like them! Stephen and I have decided to exercise at least twice a week so these new shoes are a great motivation. I also found out I have a month's membership left at my gym so I'm ready to get in there and break them in.
 Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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