NYC | Day 2

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Welcome back! I'm currently recapping our recent trip to NYC earlier this month. Check out our first day here which gives some back story into our trip along with our adventures in southern Manhattan.

Saturday, we were staying in NJ for Stephen's conference so we were up and at 'em to catch the early morning train. It was like the first day of school - Stephen stayed with me to make sure I bought my ticket and got on the train successfully. Public transportation is a foreign concept for these Floridians ;) It was actually about an hour train ride from Mahwah, NJ to Secacus, NJ where I switched trains and had a final 10 minute train ride into Penn Station. It really couldn't have worked out any better! 

After arriving at Penn Station, I needed to hop on the subway to get to my sister's friend's apt. I figured out which line I needed to be on but had no clue there were different directions and lines once I was in the subway. I found a nice girl who looked like a local and she got me on the right subway - let's say, my sister was shocked when I called her and told her I was in the lobby and not calling for help! The girls finished getting ready and we headed out for a local bagel shop - I got a cinnamon raisin bagel with fresh strawberry cream cheese.

It was delicious!

After bagels, we hoped on the subway and headed over to Central Park to see the Strawberry Fields. We had a nice walk through Central Park and ended up at the Plaza where we continued to go into the designer stores and wondered what those people did for a living that they could afford such nice things ;) We also spent a good amount of time in Tiffany's admiring all of the sparkle!

Side Note: It was so cold and I almost went into Forever21 to buy a jacket but Caroline's friend was so nice and gave me this one to keep! She had it but never used it - it was a lifesaver

This is actually Trump's ice rink! Funny story - it wasn't taken care of and such an eye sore from the Trump Tower, that he bought the rink, brought it back to life and continues to take care of it!

If only one day we can stay at the Plaza... or at least do tea ;)

We stopped in the Ralph Lauren store to check out Ralph's so we could get some instagrams and coffee for Caroline. Every time I've seen instagrams here from other bloggers, the place looks big and empty. We were bummed to find it was a fairly small area (super cute still) and it was packed! We weren't able to get a seat in the insta-worthy area - it was still a fun experience.

After coffee, we did the most magical eating ever... after waiting close to an hour, we got the perfect seat at Black Tap - if you go to NYC, this should be on your must list!! Caroline and I split the perfect turkey burger and then the 3 of us split the best milkshake! Go check out their insta, they have the coolest shakes ever - ours actually looked the most boring but it was so delicious. My mouth is currently watering.

That is an ice cream sandwich on the left side

We decided to walk off our delicious lunch so we headed uptown towards the MET. It was a beautiful walk and I loved seeing the pretty townhouses - we again wondered what those people did for a living lol We finished up at the MET before my sister and her friend took me back to Penn Station (I was so thankful because there was like 3 subway line transfers). I was able to get on an earlier train out and Stephen was able to swing by, pick me up real quick and drop me off at the hotel before heading to a dinner. I ended up ordering a Jimmy John's lettuce sandwich - I should've just gotten bread... I was literally asleep by 8:30 pm - I was SO tired!

It was a great first day with my sister and her friend! Linking up with Annie


  1. How fun! The plaza is totally on my bucket list and too. And I would be ALL over that milk shake-yum!

  2. That milkshake looks DIVINE! So much fun that you were able to hang with your sister in NYC. Such a fun trip!

  3. Great pics. I've lived in NYC for several years and I never get tired of seeing photos of city life. I often wonder about the prices in the fancy stores too - when will I ever rich enough to afford those things. In the meantime, it's nice to look at them and dream :-)
    Looks like you enjoyed your visit. come back soon!

    1. That's so neat you lived in NYC! We were so fascinated with the people that lived there since it's SO much different than what we know! We definitely hope to come back for Christmas time one year! Have a great weekend :)

  4. Thats so funny about that skating rink - I never knew that! Such a fun girls day!

  5. What a fun day!! I love that ice rink story, just goes to show what he can do. I wish they had publicized that more during the election! All your food looks absolutely delicious!!

  6. Your stroll through central park looks like a lot of fun, beautiful weather too! Good for you for making it to Black Tap, I've heard a lot about it but I always see a massive line outside so I've never attempted to go for it. Though those shakes look incredible!

    1. It was great weather - a little cold but it was nice in the sun! Oh my goodness, it was so worth it - you need to do it at one point!!

  7. IT looks like a wonderful trip with your sister and amazing food! Jess at Just Jess

  8. The NYC Subway system is crazy, but my iPhone maps worked perfectly :) Central Park looks beautiful!