The First Weekend of 2017

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I cannot believe that we've already had our first weekend in 2017! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! We've been having a great few days at home and neither of us are ready to get back into a work routine.

One of my co-workers husbands works at Sea World and had some extra tickets so they graciously gave us a pair! We finally made it over there Friday and we had so much fun! It had been 6 years (exactly) since I had been there and more than that for Stephen. There was so much that had changed and that we hadn't seen before. We saw about every show and did most of the rides.

This is the picture quality you get when a kid ends up taking your picture lol

We were SO impressed because Sea World really does it up for Christmas and really keeps the meaning of Christmas in there. They even had a show that told the Christmas story and sang tons of Christmas songs about Christ. It was so nice seeing that in a theme park after how PC our culture is today. If you're ever thinking about going to Sea World, go at Christmas time!

They had an amazing Christmas ice skating show

And it snowed!

Saturday, we slept in and got things ready for my parents to stop back in on their way back from Miami (go Noles!). I finished The Crown - which was amazing, can't wait for Season 2! I made our favorite dish for dinner and crock pot lava cake for dessert before we all loaded up to go see the Spacecoast Lightfest which was a big Christmas light display that you drive through (nothing like holding onto Christmas, right?). Afterwards, Stephen and I headed out to a NYE party which was so great. We raced home to watch the ball drop with my parents and made it in at 11:55pm!

Sunday, my parents hit the road bright and early, we went to church and then got right to work on tearing down our Christmas decorations. It was so sad to see it go but I definitely enjoyed getting things put back the way they go. The crappy part about putting all the decorations away is the huge mess it makes, I spent the afternoon cleaning but now it's nice to have a clean house. I cooked a traditional, Southern New Years meal which turned out great. I've tried making collard greens a few times to no avail so I gave it one more shot with this recipe and oh my word, they were SO good! I will definitely be making them this way in the future. We finished up the night with The Magnificent Seven which turned out to be a great movie.

We both had Monday off so we slept in and got to work on chores - I ironed, organized my office closet and got my oil changed while Stephen worked on our finances. We had a wonderful time away from work and enjoyed our New Years. We have lots planned for 2017 - 2 weddings, our siblings graduation, a week trip to Disney, a week trip to HHI and so much more. We cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store! Happy New Year to everyone out there and thank you so much for all of your support through my blog! I've really enjoyed the friendships I've made through here and I look forward to growing them in 2017 :)


  1. Wow! You all had a great weekend to start the year! I love Sea World! I've never been at Christmas though. I took all our decorations down the day after Christmas and I swear our house is just now starting to be clean and organized (that's what I get for decorating the whole house lol). I love the purging I get done this time of year though! Sounds like you all have a pretty awesome 2017 planned already!

  2. What a great weekend to kick off the new year!