Pirate or Princess?

Monday, May 18, 2015

This past weekend, we drove down to Ft. Lauderdale to find out if we're getting a niece or nephew! We've been so anxious to know, especially since John and Lauren have know the baby's sex for a while now. We've been trying to dance around the topic because we didn't want to find out the gender before the reveal so it'll be super nice to not have to worry about it being spilled anymore. They're waiting to reveal the baby's name once he/she is born so that'll be a fun surprise to look forward to.

Friday, we all went to dinner at Hollywood beach and then headed back for a late night swim at their house.

Saturday, we all got ready and helped decorate for their Pirate or Princess reveal party. They decided to get boy (pirate) and girl (princess) rubber ducks and fill the losing gender with weights then throw them into the pool - the winning gender floated. It was such a cute and creative idea! 

The card Lauren used to tell John they were pregnant

My new name

We were team boy!

The reveal....

We're super excited that we're getting a niece and I cannot wait to buy all sorts of ruffles and bows!! Honestly, I always thought it was going to be a boy but then during a candid conversation, Lauren kind of slipped. I didn't mention it so she thought I missed it and I thought she didn't realize she said it so after the reveal, we both got a kick out of our poker faces.

Excited for a niece!! These boys aren't going to know what to do ;)

We enjoyed spending time at the pool and grilling out the rest of the night. It was a great weekend spending time with family and friends! Now I'm going to have to really steer clear of the baby department... ;)

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  1. That is such a creative idea for a reveal!! It will be SO much fun having a niece!

  2. That was a cute idea for revealing the gender!

  3. Congratulations, she is lucky to have you as her Aunt! I love their gender reveal idea too! Xo, Stephanie

  4. That is so sweet! Being an Aunt is the best!

  5. Love the reveal idea! Looks like such a fun weekend :) Congratulations on your niece!

  6. yay for a little princess... and i loved the reveal! unique and fun!!!

  7. That's such a great idea for a gender reveal party! Love the Princess/Pirate! Congratulations to your family, how exciting :)